garlic bread

part of a balanced meal... of personality

hu hu hu hu hu

watching you

she's running out the door

she's running...


20 minute speed paint of no face... he'd make a pretty good casey jones for halloween

pretty. damn. good. casey. jones

hu hu hu hu hu

obviously a stalker :P


The 50s' Thriller

trying out some new stuff and listening to the motorcity theme song

that show is seriously gorgeous

a fun fake 50s' thriller movie poster


journey to the west

a quick little scribble before work

sun wukong enthralled underwater! by a hawt lady! 

maybe he'll bring a really really nice shell back from his adventure.

this'll be my last post for a bit, headin' off to sunny flo'rida.

be good! 

and for those of you who follow me and comment on stuff!
(tell your friends)




to my restaurant

i'm a zombie"

don't let the fancy suit fool you, he works at a denny's in denver.

anybody else excited for paranorman?

also i hope the chameleon appears in the next spiderman movie
and they portray him as a vengeful bald failed stage actor with green skin.



Initiation into anything is important, take for example snow monkey tribes.

Initiates are required to digest the excrements of their soon to be brothers

It's meant to demonstrate strength through trust.

it's so smart it's stupid