is what i've been feeling today... all day... D:

i felt as though i were a sad hamburger man... so i drew how i felt.

i WISH i could pull off the fanny pack look


the duke

"the competitive, the arrogant, the constantly boasting"  

that's the duke

he's the guy you love to hate

but don't worry, for all his athletic supremacy... he has severe jock itch

... also, leaks for korra book 2... so... good...

oh god


monster pains

"sometimes putting up with people sucks..."

likewise, summer jobs suck, but are so necessary...

good days and bad days I guess


meelo is hardcore

late night doodle before sleep!

meelo rocks... fartbending, talking smack

he is so hardcore

move over legend of korra, it should be legend of meelo

hu hu hu hu hu hu hu



"he can fire his stomach avocado pit at super sonic speeds"

fooling around, trying new stuff

should i continue? (y/n)?

may not be the last time you see this avocado man...



"follow me, and I will lead you to greatness"

"... or disaster..."

5:00 am posts rock!

not really worth another post, but here, kung fu milk lady!


monkey king

forcing myself to draw despite lack of motivation and inspiration

moar sun wukong, moar monkey king, more to come?



... bleh, rough day today...


24 hour film

made a 24 hour film for fun!

there is a lesson to be learned from it... sort of

hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu


more title cards

was encouraged to make another one of these

though it didn't take much encouraging

yet another faux adventure time title card

so much fun

here you go jean, I hope you like

you encourager

.   ___  .