a story of the sea

This story is a metaphor, keep that in mind...

 On a quiet evening out at sea, a sailor sang as he emptied his catch.
 To his astonishment, a mermaid fell out of his net!
The mermaid, bound by her honor, informed the sailor
 that for netting her, she was able to grant him a single
 wish in good sportsmanship.
It would have seemed as though fortune was smiling on the
sailor that evening. Now the sailor had been at sea for many
 months without companionship, so naturally his wish was
 for a woman, however, he did not want to seem letcherous
in front of the beautiful mermaid.
"Uhm... My wish, 'is fore a woman's touch and sensibility... if ya' know
what I mean" he bumbled having thought himself clever.
The mermaid was dreadfully confused, "Uh... sure... your
wish shall become a reality brave sailor..."
And in a plume of smoke, the wish was done, and
the mermaid jumped back into the waters.
The sailor watched from aboard the ship
disappointed that no woman was in sight...
the sailor was however now certainly in possession
of both a woman's touch and sensibility.
"I wonder why he didn't just ask for a woman..."

curious be those creatures known as humans.

p.s: I was kidding, this is not a metaphor